Pearl Loves Paisley | Seascapes
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About This Project


The artworks are made from recycled materials, found objects, felting wool, and salvaged threads have been used to add texture and variety to the seascape. The sewing machine has then been used to “paint” on top of the image with basic machine stitching and free machine embroidery.


Image 1 – Based on a photograph taken on a very stormy day just outside Applecross, Scotland. A beautiful secluded sandy beach into the sea. A day to remember as the family and dog took shelter under a fern for some time as the storm passed. Finally!


Image 2 – Based on a photograph taken at Sandsend. A beautiful sunny day where the light picked out the algae on the rocks.


Image 3 – Based on a photograph taken at Runswick Bay when the sand was hot on my feet. A good people watching day.